“It is better to entertain an idea than to take it home to live with you for the rest of your life.”

Randall Jarrell

Goal to create software products

Abhijit Deshpande, Kavi Panjwani and Mandar Vaidya were early stage participants of the software revolution happening in India in the 2000’s and decided to seize the opportunity leading to the birth of Revamp Consulting in January 2007. Revamp Consulting, was founded with a simple goal – to create World Class Enterprise Software Products.

Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology

While it was clear, Revamp would develop products and only products, the exact nature of products was not defined. A chance meeting with the co-founders of Vector Consulting, a business management and consulting firm offered them a snapshot into the world of Theory of Constraints.

As the Theory of Constraints was being applied to a wide array of industries including manufacturing, operations, supply chain, finance, project management and even marketing and sales, Revamp decided to work exclusively with Vector Consulting as their software solutions and support partner and offer Enterprise Product development based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology to their clients.

It’s been a decade since we are providing customized software products and services. In the last decade, we have grown from a team of 3 to 40 strong.  Along the way, we have been presented with many opportunities and our products have earned amazing acceptance in India across leading enterprises.