At Revamp, we define our work culture as learning, empowering and caring for our workforce.

We strongly emphasize on individual development. We are of the strong belief that to keep our people motivated and our business growing, personal growth is as important as organizational growth.
We are committed to offer our employees exciting opportunities and help them create an employee engagement roadmap.
We follow a team approach by encouraging individuals to bring their ideas to the table and yet work in a synergy. We bring in to line the efforts and energies of our 40 professionals specialized in various technical and functional skills to deliver complete enterprise software solutions to our partner Vector Consulting.
We work towards creating a professional relationship so that each one on our team member feels important. Our employees develop strong working relationships through close accessibility to the managers. Our Directors act as Mentors to the team members and provide continuous support and feedback to each individual.
We ensure that our employees are always updated with new professional skills and new technological advancements in the industry. All along the way, Regular Flow meetings, Weekly Team Meeting, Documents, Reviews are used to monitor progress, organize and manage work.
We strive to encourage our employees to maintain a work life balance and a vibrant office atmosphere.
Our hiring process is transparent and thorough. We select the employees based on their professional experience and relevant skill sets. We are committed to hire and retain the right talent for the company and foster long term mutually beneficial association with us.
We pride ourselves on being an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Interested in joining this dynamic team. Please write to us [email protected]