Sales Solution

In conventional sales process, customers expect the salesperson to be involved in the sales process end to end right from the query stage to the delivery stage. A sales person spends nearly 70% of his time performing sales support activities (pre – order and post – order) rather than focusing on the actual sales. This brings stagnancy in the company’s sales. An ideal sales persons role would be getting more business (repeat order) from existing customers (Reach and Range) and getting business from new customers (Business development).

The SPE (Sales Process Engineering) solution separates the sales team from the support functions by allotting a different back end team to manage support activities and thus allows the sales team to focus on sales functions. The internal sales team focuses on repeat customers and field salesmen and BD managers focus on new customers. With multiple people work together to make sales happen, a quantum jump in the sales productivity is ensured along with improved quality of service.

The SPE function makes the sales process more transparent and also opens up new possibilities of re-defining and aggregating branch and geographical locations.